Unlock Your Potential: Make Work Work For You

16.2.2023 | 02:12

• The article discusses how labor has become devalued due to the effects of fiat money.
• It explains how specialization of work is key in contributing to civilization, and how people optimize for value per time worked while minimizing unpleasantness.
• Lastly, it calls out fiat money as the culprit behind why work is not working as well these days.

Work and Us

We need work and work needs us. Labor is what takes a harsh, brutist and difficult world and turns it into a livable, enjoyable and even meaningful place. Work is how we contribute to our civilization, our communities and, of course, our families. Work in a normal, functioning market provides value.Our collective work is what builds everything around us, from the buildings we live in, to the roads that we travel on, the computers we type on, the electricity that we use, and pretty much everything else.


Money allows us to specialize and do what we’re good at. A fisherman can catch lots of fish far more than he can eat; a cobbler can make shoes far more than he can wear; but through trade they can leverage their own skills to get everything they want and need. This is why fishermen are not making their own shoes and cobblers are not catching their own fish – specialization of work makes it possible for everyone to benefit from each other’s talents without having to go through tedious processes themselves.

Fiat Money’s Fault

Yet this very basic equation of work — productive labor in return for money — is not working that well lately with massive layoffs happening all over the economy particularly in tech: What is going on? How is it that tens of thousands of people in different companies can be let go yet things still function? What were they all doing? Making TikTok videos? In this case Fiat Money seems to be at fault as there isn’t enough wealth being produced overall so money cannot flow fast enough into wages so people have less power when bargaining for salary or negotiating with employers – leading them vulnerable to layoffs during economic downturns like this one now..

Optimizing For Value

People try to make the most money they can while doing things that they dread least – optimizing for value per time worked while minimizing unpleasantness. This last point is important because there are things which pay very well but people are loath to do like collecting garbage or truck driving which offer better per-hour rates than other tasks but with unpleasantness that keeps many away. The price of labor goes up accordingly compensating those who take on these tasks by increasing salaries or reducing hours required for completion making them more attractive propositions overall..


In conclusion then it’s clear that if markets are going function efficiently then there must be an equitable distribution wealth across society otherwise certain segments end up suffering as result inequality caused by excessive reliance on fiat money based solutions instead real production tangible goods services which hold intrinsic value society itself..

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