From Nobody to Bitcoin Writer: How I Found My Voice

5.3.2023 | 07:48

• Mickey Koss, a West Point graduate with a degree in economics, never expected to be writing for Bitcoin Magazine.
• After an initial rejection, the Bitcoin community welcomed and supported him, giving him the confidence to keep writing.
• He encourages others to go after their dreams despite fear and self-imposed limitations.


Mickey Koss is a West Point graduate with a degree in economics who found his way into writing for Bitcoin Magazine by accident while looking for customer service email address. Despite initial rejections, he persevered due to the support of the Bitcoin community and his wife.

How It Started

Koss sent an idea off in an email and was surprised when they liked it. Writing the draft was exciting but ultimately resulted in an unceremonious “no.” The critique pushed him to adjust his strategy and change his frame of mind. He later posted his articles on LinkedIn which gave him more courage to keep going .

The Power of Community

The Bitcoin community welcomed Koss’s work with open arms. They gave him encouragement that he otherwise would not have had on his own journey as a writer. This inspired him to keep going despite fears of what others may think or how they may react.

Advice For Others

Koss encourages people not to hesitate in pursuing their dreams even if they feel like nobody or feel scared about potential reactions from those around them. It is important not just to invest early but also often – especially when it comes to chasing your dreams!


Koss’s story serves as proof that hard work pays off and anyone can achieve greatness if they put their mind into it and don’t give up no matter what obstacles come their way!

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